Metawake's pod is first and foremost an object to withdraw yourself from your environment. Here you can relax, make quiet phone calls and take a nap. Wouldn't it be great if you could recharge yourself halfway through your work day? Our powernap pod can be the solution to make this possible at your workplace.

The sideway-entrance makes it possible to lay down in an easy and ergonomic way. When laying on the comfortable mattress, you can close the roller blind to create the night-time conditions for a good nap.

The wooden parts of the pod are fabricated by a CNC machine. This allows the pod to be made quickly and affordably, close to the consumer and with as little waste as possible.


  • - The pod is made of sustainable (FSC) and high-quality (B/BB) birch plywood treated with a light matt lacquer.
  • - The foam mattress (210x80x18 cm) we use follows the body and provides a stable support. Both the mattress and pillow have a cleanable waterproof cover.
  • - To block incoming light, we use an easy to control blackout blind.

The standard price for this powernap pod is 1750 euro excluding VAT. This includes engraving your company name and delivery to a radius of 100km from Utrecht.

This latest version of our powernap pod was featured at Slaapstad 2019 in Almere.

Pictures of our 2018 research prototype

    Powernap specialist Kasper Janssen has written a review about this prototype. He gave us 4 out of 5 stars!

An everyday recharge in a restless world

The powernap benefits health, happiness, productivity and creativity. Our nap pod is a ready-made solution to facilitate powernaps at your workplace. We also offer consultancy and design solutions for unique environments.

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